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Establishment of Sikh Temple

History of Stockton, California

The city of Stockton was established in 1849 by Captain Charles Maria Weber. The city was the first city in California that does not have a Spanish or Native American origin. Stockton was incorporated on July 23, 1850, and its first election was held on the 31st of July,1850. In 1870 the census Bureau reported Stockton’s population to the 87.6% white and 10.7% Asian. In 1883, Benjamin Holt and his 3 brothers settled in Stockton and later founded Holt manufacturing company. On November 24, 1904 Holt successful tested his first workable track laying machine and named it caterpillar because the machine crawls like a caterpillar.
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Establishment of Sikh Temple

On October 24, 1912, the first Sikh temple in the united states named Gurdwara Sahib Stockton was opened. On April 22, 1918, Col. Ernest Dunlop Swinton of the British army visited Stockton on a tour of the united states. A major fire on the main street occurred on January 10, 1920, and damaged adjacent buildings and businesses. The estimate of the damage caused by the fire outbreak was $150,000.
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Rail-road History 

In 1931, the Stockton electric rail-road has started cooperating 40 streetcars over 28 miles of track. The port was modernized and water passage to San Francisco Bay was deepened and improved in 1933.

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