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Events You Would Not Want to Miss Out On In Galt, CA

Galt, California; Events and Military Bases

Events You Would Not Want to Miss Out On In Galt, CA

Holding events is part and parcel of any society. You can mention entertainment shows, agri-business expositions, and the list of events that cannot be exhausted. Galt, a section of the metropolitan Californian capital, holds such events at different orders. The Galt Lions Club; goes down at Papa’s Pizzeria at 7.00 pm, every 2nd and 4th Thursdays monthly. Being part of the more abundant Lions International, their plan is to assist the visually impaired locals in repairing their vision. Galt city, also in collaboration with Consumnes River Preserves, hosts an annual bird festival in the winter when many birds fly in and around. The list of events is long.
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Military Bases and Forts

Let’s switch the talk to military bases in and around Galt city. There are none in the town, but many cites surround the area. 8277 Elder Creek Road in Sacramento, hosts the United States Marine Corps. There’s are so many other military and federal bases such as the US Coast Guard Air Station in McClellan Park, US Military Entrance Processing Station, US Naval & Marine Corps Center, AX Buyers Depot, B. T. Collins Army Reserve, Center, JFQH, Sacramento MEPS, Sacramento Depot which are all based within the larger Sacramento, surrounding Galt,CA.
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