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Haggin Museum

Museums in Stockton City, California

Stockton is regarded as being the county seat of Santa Joaquin county in the central valley of the U.S states of California. 

Stockton city is tagged as the 13th largest city in California and the 62nd largest city in the united states. It was named an All American City in 1999, 2004, 2015 and also in 2017.

Stockton city is known for so many things that revolve around its cultural system, among which museums are included. 

A museum is known to be an established institution laid with the responsibility of the collection, preservation and exhibition of artistic or scientific educational materials, objects,  specimen or artefacts for public display in order to enlighten and educate the general public. 

Stockton is home to various museums, the city has a lot of well-furnished and incorporated museums and galleries. Stockton museums cover a broad range of topics from early inhabitants of the area through the Gold Rush era and the city’s growth into a vibrant community.
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Haggin Museum

We have the Haggin museum which is well known for its exhibits of art and local history, also do we have the San Joaquin historical society museum which displays exhibits that present information about the history of the region from the days of the Yokuts and Miwoks, through the founding of Stockton and the Gold Rush, and the rise of agriculture, we also have the children museum of Stockton, the Stockton Field Aviation Museum which is dedicated to the preservation of aviation history with the special emphasis on world war II aviation. 

Others are Stockton Historical Maritime Museum, Tidewater Southern Railway society Museum,  in addition, are also the Reynolds Gallery and Horton Gallery, the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery operated by the Stockton Art League and many others.
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