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Tips to Guide Before Hiring HVAC Company (2)

Tips to Guide Before Hiring HVAC Company (2)

It’s about time to perform a maintenance check or repair your HVAC system. However, you need to hire an expert because you’re not skilled in AC repairs. From the previous article, some foundational tips were mentioned, so, let’s continue from there…
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  • Experience and Expertise

After you’ve gotten information from your friend, neighbors and folks, then you can proceed to check the suggested companies. When you walk into the company, you should ask the technician attending to you about their experience level. Some questions such as the following should be asked:

How many years have you been operating?

How do you operate? (Full-time or Part-time)

How familiar are you with my brand of the cooling system?

What brand do you specialize in?

From the answers to these questions, you’ll be more convinced about their services.
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  • License 

Under normal circumstances, an expert technician should have a license to show when asked. You can ask for the license number to verify before hiring them. Also, when available, you can see the list of past jobs and customers’ review.

  • Referees

 Asides the experience you’ve gotten from your outside sources, you need to ask the company about a list of references to get in touch within order to ask about their services.


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