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DIY Tips on Maintenance of AC

DIY Tips on Maintenance of AC

Do you know maintaining your AC from time to time helps elongate the life and save some cost of repair? As a homeowner, there are some DIY maintenance procedures that you can employ yourself for. For your Air Conditioner, here are easy steps to take for maintenance… Information can be found here.

  • Switch Off the System

Before you can clean or check some essential components on your cooling system, you need to switch off the system because it operates with electricity. This will help you avoid electric shock or damaging of other parts that need careful attention. See here for information about Important Parts of HVAC System.


  • Clear Out Dust

The Air Conditioner sometimes can gather dust, leaves, etc at the exterior part of the compressor or condenser, therefore, you need to clean this out before moving to the interior part of the system.

  • Clean the Fins

The fins of an air conditioner are found near the compressor and it helps the air conditioner disperse heat faster. While performing a maintenance check on the air conditioner, you need to clean the fins well and straighten them. However, you should not use a pressure washer because it damages the fins. You can make use of a fin cleaning spray. This can be bought in supermart or essential home needs store.

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