Galt, CA Has A Museum for Everyone

February 26, 2021by J & J Services

Galt, CA Is A Museum Lover’s Paradise

Galt, CA Has A Museum for Everyone

In addition to being the hometown of renowned scholar John McFarland Galt is a cultural capital as well. Whether you are an art lover or a science geek, the city has you covered. And unlike in some larger cities, the museums in Galt are affordable and accessible. Click here for facts about Galt, CA.

Making Science Fun

Some people love science, and other people tend to fall asleep during science class. Even if you are in that latter category, you will surely find something to love at the Galt Museum of Art and Science. Some other exquisite art shows in Galt include the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, Oakdale Museum and History Center, and the Davis RAT Center these exhibits are fun for the whole family. Shows such as the Sacramento Fine Arts Center is one of the top tourist attractions in Galt, CA.


Enjoying the Arts

Art lovers in Galt have a few museums to choose from. Located in downtown Sacramento, the Oakdale Museum of Art houses painting, sculpture, and photography. Many visitors come to see the museum’s extensive collection of the works of the natives. The Sacramento Fine Arts Center has a stronger emphasis on contemporary and performing arts. For something more “off the beaten path,” check out the art and culture all around the city streets.

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