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Mokelumne City, California

Mokelumne City, California is a ghost town in San Joaquin County in California.  Located south of Sacramento, this ghost town has long been abandoned but used to be one of the larger communities in its respective area.Galt, CA  information can be seen at this link.


Mokelumne City, CA rose to prominence in the mid 19th Century. This town functioned as a river-trade center that rivaled nearby Stockton, CA. However, early in its history, the town was destroyed by floods (the 1860s) and was never rebuilt.
Discover facts about Thornton, California.


Nestled just south of the Mokelumne River and the Consumnes River Preserve, Mokelumne City is a ghost town outside of Sacramento, CA. This city lies 26 miles south of Sacramento–or about a 28-minute drive from the city. Other nearby cities include Lodi, CA (16 Miles) and Stockton, CA (24 Miles).


The best idea for housing near Mokelumne City is the nearby community of Thornton, CA.

The majority of Thornton’s residents choose to rent their place of residence: 58% as a matter of fact. The average house costs $309,000 USD and the average cost to rent is $850 USD.

Activities & Attractions

For individuals who enjoy tours and/or history, Mokelumne City has a plethora of unique selections nearby! has a plethora of unique selections! Black Chasm Cavern is nearby to explore and so is California Cavern State Historic Landmark.

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