July 4th Celebration

February 26, 2021by J & J Services

Stockton, CA Festivals

Festivals in Stockton are always fun-filled and have always reflected the social, cultural and religious beliefs of the people of Stockton city. Some festivals are particular about reflecting the people’s religious and cultural beliefs examples of which are the Stockton Sikh temple parade, Stockton Buddist temple Japanese food festival, Cambodian new year celebration, the Chinese new year celebration, Jewish food fair, etc. while some are about foods and wines examples of which are the wine and chocolate weekend, the Delicato vineyard annual art show, Stockton restaurant week, feast at the fox, Stockton brew fest, Zinfest wine festival and so on. Some festivals are also about arts and music, for example, Stockton arts week, Zion chamber orchestra festival, concerts in the park, etc.
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July 4th Celebration

Most of these festivals are done annually. The July fourth being one of the most important and prominent one in the history of the country. The fourth of July 1776 was the day the United States of America gained independence from Britain. Every fourth day of July is a federal holiday in the whole of America in honor of the memory of the declaration of independence of the united states of America. To celebrate this, the people in Stockton hold a parade which is a community event that can be enjoyed by all ages. At night also, there will be colorful and amazing fireworks display in certain areas in the city.

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