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Acampo, California

Acampo, California is a rural town in San Joaquin County in California with roughly 300 residents. Located south of Sacramento and north of Stockton, this small town has above-average schools.Click here for facts about City of Galt, CA .


Acampo is home to a group of 300 residents in a rural setting. The average household makes around $142,000 USD per year. 22% of the population consists of school-aged children.


Acampo is a small town outside of Sacramento and Stockton, CA. This city lies 33 miles south of Sacramento–or about a 37-minute drive from the city. Lodi, CA is just south of Acampo and Stockton, CA is 19 miles or 21 minutes away by car  Similar cities/towns to Acampo would be Rio Vista (CA) and Galt (CA).


Around half of Acampo’s residents choose to own their home while the other half chooses to rent. In nearby Lodi, to help with the perspective on housing, the average house costs $294,000 USD and the average cost to rent is $1,100 USD.

Activities & Attractions

For individuals who enjoy hiking and the outdoors, Acampo has a plethora of unique selections! The Micke Grove Regional Park is nearby to explore. For the wine-lovers, there is an abundance of wineries and vineyards to check out nearby:

-Klinker Brick Winery

-Jessie’s Grove Winery

-Oak Farm Vineyard

-Harney Lane Winery

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