Weather in Stockton 

February 26, 2021by J & J Services

Climate Condition in Stockton, CA

Climate represents the Earth’s average condition over time. It is the long term manifestation of weather and other atmospheric condition in a given area, city or a country.

One of the factors that influence climate is the angle of the sun’s rays in the tropics between 23.5° N and 24.5° S. There is at least one time of the year when the noontime sun is directly overhead and its rays hit at a direct angle, this consequently produces a hot climate with the relatively small temperature difference between summer and winter.
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Weather in Stockton

Stockton has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. About eighty percent of the 13.8 inches or 350.5 millimetres of the precipitation falls from October through April in an average year. The temperature range in the central valley is much greater than in the nearby Bay Area.

Stockton gets 17inches of rain on average per year while the US average is 38inches of rain per year.

Stockton gets some kind of precipitation on average, 60days per year.  On an average level, there are 257 sunny days per year in Stockton compared to the 205 US average sunny days.

In Stockton, the month July is known as the hottest month with an average high temperature of 93.0° which ranks it as warmer than most places in California. There are also three comfortable months which are the most pleasant months of the year for Stockton, they are October, May and April having a temperature of 70-85°.

December month has the coldest nighttime temperature having an average of 37.4°.  January is then the wettest month and July is the driest month.

There has been rarely any recorded snowfall in Stockton which as a result ranked the city as one of the lease snowy places in California having an average of 0inches of snow per year compared to the 28inches of snow per year in the US.
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