When to Call the Technicians

February 26, 2021by J & J Services

How to Know Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

When to Call the Technicians

It is essential to know when your air conditioner needs service. There are several behaviors from your air conditioner that signal the need for repairs. The moment you suspect any of the following, never hesitate to reach out for a technician.
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Inconsistent Heating and Air Conditioning

If you note that your air conditioning continuously shuts on and off, it may be calling out for service. Several causes can bring about this. It may be due to faulty thermostat readings that prompt air conditioning at the wrong times, dirty or overused air filter that interfere with the air conditioning process. When you experience this, call your technician immediately.
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Uncomfortable Odors from Vents and Registers

When you experience some abnormal smell whenever your air conditioner is on, it maybe needs some service. The unpleasant odor comes from organic debris, grease, microbiological growth, and other buildups. If you experience this smelly tendency, call the technician.

Alarming Noises

An air conditioner in functional status does not produce any alarming sound. But one on the verge of collapsing will automatically call for help with some loud, repetitive noises. If you hear some clapping, slapping, and some clicks from the system, call a technician.

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